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ryan, you're a little baby

grow up

posted Tuesday-Mar-26-2002 at 00:34
That is wrong what you did DL but Ryan also needs his ass kicked ...big time

posted Tuesday-Mar-26-2002 at 00:05
Ryan Lunenfeld from Hempstead ,NY writes:
Dont you dare talk about my ADD . That is wrong to do that in a public forum.

I was only drawing attention to the fact that you wrote a GLEEEEEEEEEEEAMING review TODAY for the very synth that you put up for sale TODAY!

Don't you think that is something only a swindler would do?

I mean ,like you said - there are already 14 pages of reviews - why did you feel compelled to post another one just because you have a vested interest in selling it ??? :P

That is wrong.


posted Monday-Mar-25-2002 at 23:35
dl writes:
Listen man, I have nothing to hide, I have the right to post my opinion/review on this synth that I have, which is a quality synth. Others who view this review section have tons, infact 14 pages, of mostly positive reviews, so the synth speaks for itself. And who are you to tell me how i should do my reviews.

And as far as selling YOUR friend a greasy synth is just silly on your part man, cause you have no merit to put me down like that.

Ryan, Why did you sell your 303?, why did you sell your this, your that.... I have my reasons just as you do. So please lay off man....cause you sound like someone who needs a life....

(Sorry to the others for taking up this space here, but had to respond to these silly accusations)

posted Monday-Mar-25-2002 at 23:24
Ryan Lunenfeld from Hempstead ,NY writes:
Daniel, are you or are you not selling your CS6x ?

Why did this review appear at the same time your ad went on HC?

Sounds awfuly deceptive.

And yes , you did sell my friend a greasy synth.

I know you are not going to answer me because you know I just caught you.

Did you know that in the Stocks & Bonds world what you have done is considered a Felony? Yes, I know you are just selling a synth but pulling a trick like that is indicative of how shadey of a seller you are.

I know you have done some good deals , but pulling a move like this is just LOOOOOOOOOOOW.

Also, on all of your other reviews you have ALWAYS put your real name . I find it awfuly interesting that you decided just to use your initials when you decided to hype your synth before selling.



posted Monday-Mar-25-2002 at 23:09
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