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Average rating: 4.5 out of 5
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Gregger a professional user from Foothill Ranch, Ca, USA writes:
I came upon this synth on one of many "Wish I could afford it" trips to Guitar Center. It sounded plausibly more analog than my Triton. This was in 2002. I happened across one on Craigslist last week and snapped it up for a mere $225! It resides happily in my home studio, and WOW! I have the Triton still, a Juno 1, Emu Orbit and Audity 2000. This keyboard does not sound FM at all! I have a DX100 and as sonically inferior that type of FM synthesis is, I was really impressed with the synths analogish attributes! Its velvety smooth strings, and very Juno sounding basses are far better sounding than even the Emu's I have. Its very easy to program and with a little effort it can emulate even a freakish Buchla type machined rythmic Sample and Hold! Its deserving of all the praise it receives. I would highly recommend it over the Roland SH 201 or MicroKorg. Be wary of the feeding frenzy these things initiate on EBay, Ive seen them sell for as much as $600! With a little hunting they can be had cheap. Im in the middle of creating a bass patch and arp ala' Moog Source Blue Monday....cheers!

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Sunday-Mar-01-2009 at 00:02
dave a hobbyist user from austria writes:

i owned a roland sh201 before, traded it for a yamaha sy77, but now my heart is graving a (virtual) analog synth again (=> kstation!)

i can remember from my sh 201, that when i swapped patches for instance, and the cutoff knob was fully open for instance, but basically any settings, and i turned after swapping patch, that the filter kind of jumped to the vallue set by the knob.

for this i always thought endless knobs would be very useful. how do you experience this with the kStation?

Rating: 0 out of 5 posted Thursday-Jul-31-2008 at 17:54
Markus a professional user from Germany writes:
This is the best sounding and most easy to use VA I have ever owned or used. Better even than the Waldorf Q+ I once had. That´s all I can say about this unit.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Sunday-Jul-17-2005 at 09:42
Nouveau a professional user from USA writes:
This is an incredibly well designed board, to begin with the bottom line. The control surfaces have been designed nearly flawlessly, offering the lucky owner the absolute most control they could possibly have given the small, highly portable size of the board. The appearance and layout scream of the analog days of old, and while this is simply a digital keyboard modelling analog sounds, the amount of parameter control offered here is something that never should have died with the analog keyboard in the first place. I made what I consider to be a bit of a mistake in waiting to purchase this board used after I bought an Alesis Micron instead. Now please understand that I'm not bashing the Micron here; it's sounds are fantastic and it stands up to the Novation in almost every area EXCEPT for parameter control! Being a professional bassist in a frequently gigging rock band, naturally I need the easiest, most tweakable synthesizer I can find for live playing. The Micron, although it has controls that I consider to be intuitive (once you've learned them), just didn't deliver the control I needed of ADSR, effects, ocillators, portamento, and etc. that I need at my fingertips while playing. (You can take a wild guess: I'm doin' the Geddy Lee jig up there, juggling two keyboards, midi bass pedals, and my bass, all at once. I have to be able to stay on top of things!) I had originally planned to buy a Novation K, but when they stopped carrying them at my local keyboard dealers, I decided to hop on the ion/micron bandwagon instead. Now I've finally got the board I wanted to begin with! I will say that the preset sounds on the K are a bit weak, and definitely are aimed at the techno/trance etc. crowd, but with a little effort of your own, you can harness the power of its 3 ocillators to produce some significantly fat and phat sounds, from basses to leads and back again. This board is a tad harsh when it comes to pads, but I actually like the edgy feel that every sound on here seems to have. Also: The arpeggiator is a million times better than the one included as an afterthought on the Micron (the ion didn't have one). Let me restate that. The arpeggiator is much, much, much better. As far as complaints are concerned, my only gripes seem to be the preset sounds (decent, I'm just being a real perfectionist).... ...and... the dumb wall-wart plug. I'd prefer a good old power cord, because these wall-wart plugs are huge and seem flimsy. There also could have been battery operation, but I wouldn't have used it anyway, so I'm just stating that if you want a board that functions on batteries, this one does not have that feature. Finally, the keys are a bit cheap. They aren't MicroKorg little-plastic-toy keys (although the action on those I actually find quite pleasing), but they're not exactly the most quality keys in the world either. In fact, I've already had to replace one that I broke in half. But that's all beside the point.

The point, in conclusion, is that for those of you with gigs to play, and a pocket that contains more lint than loose change, the Novation K-Station is the ideal buy. The keys feel decent, the controls are amazing, and the sounds are just about as good as you're currently going to be able to get from a board in this price range. I paid 225$ used for mine, and that could be compared to stealing the mona lisa. This one's worth every penny of the 800$ list price, take my word for it! If you can't, then go find one and try it for yourself. You'll see what I mean.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Friday-May-06-2005 at 19:03
trotskie from Los Angeles writes:
I bought the K-Station a month or so after it came out, so I've been with it for a while. It is definately a special synth. Probably has one of the best interfaces I've come across. The effects section is laid out quite well, and its very simple to program the mod wheel to do whatever you want. you can quickly edit patches in a way that arent so straightforward on other synths. for example, assigning several effects, lfo, envelope and pitch, to the mod wheel. this also attests to the K-Stations great menu layout. its just very simple to make unexpected sounds. as the fellow said below, this isnt analog. quite the opposite. one thing interesting is its filter. it has a zippered affect to it, especially obvious when youve got distortion. some may not care for this, but I think that is what makes it cool. has a very "pixellated" effect to it. i have no other keyboard that sounds this way. if youre expecting filters similar to a JP-8000 or a Nordlead should be expecting something else! this can be a very brutal sounding synth. however, it has some very chill pads and atmospheric sounds. one thing i dont care for At All, is the lack of internal power supply. it runs on 9volt DC. no IEC cables for this thing. but, it makes it more affordable. i think its perfect for keeping in the studio. maybe others have gigged with it. i would not [due to the power cable issue]. also, make sure you get the OS upgrade to 1.0.9.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Saturday-Jan-29-2005 at 21:29
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