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Novation blurb
The K-station features three of the most powerful oscillators around, each providing the classic waveforms and a sine wave for those sub-bass floor-shaking grooves. Plus it gets waveform ‘doubling’ for mega phatt sounds with no loss of polyphony. FM algorithms take care of the metallic and percussive sounds and for even more sound making options, external audio can be used as an oscillator source waveform or processed through the mixer, filter and envelope sections. The K’s filters are no less impressive. Genuine Novation Warm Liquid Filters deliver the rich, warm sound of an analog filter. Selectable low-pass, 12dB or 24dB cut-off curves with resonance and overdrive make it easy to recreate anything from a distorted TB303to a tightly rounded bass patch. In short, the K-Station sound modelling capabilities are matched only by it’s bigger brothers in the Novation range. Plus, with a K-Station, you get the control. Control Freaks Stop Here Tactile knobs and sliders, an expressive keyboard and a clear and concise LCD display give easy access to all the key sound-shaping controls. - Real hands-on heaven. Plus, like all Novation synthesizers, the K-Station gives total MIDI control, with all the knobs transmitting MIDI data for easy recording in real-time using a sequencer. transmit MIDI for instant control

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Novation K-Station Synth The K-Station is a whole new take on the original Bass Station Keyboard. It is a great piece of kit for professionals and beginners alike. Check this out!

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