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Overand a part-time user writes:
Well, it's quite amazing. The thing has a "dynamic" distortion unlike anything we're used to hearing. Using wavefolding abilities, as your sound decays, you can hear the waveform twisting around and mangling itself. The amount of subtle control you can get with just three knobs (input, pulser, beam) on is pretty amazing. It can take a little time to learn how to handle this guy, but you'll be glad you did.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Tuesday-Apr-30-2002 at 11:54
David Hernandez a professional user from USA writes:
I use the TM-1 one with an Etherwave theremin. The volume control of the theremin allows me to control the wave folding effects of the TM-1 with great precision. With the volume control, I can also play melodies with the self-oscillation of the pulser tube. Recently I've been preceding the TM-1 with an analog delay, patching the dry output into the TM-1's audio in, and patching the wet output into the pulser/beam modulator CV input. As the echoes pile on the dry signal , they leave layers of squashed, folded waveforms behind. As they die away, the echoes traverse octaves and melt in and out of the TM-1's self-oscillation. The TM-1's ring modulation is effective with keyboard synths and the continuous pitch variation of the theremin. The beam modulator tube can perform ring modulation while still performing it's waveshaping duties. When also using the new TM-2 bandpass filter, the TM-1's ring modulation is especially chilling and most obviously unique.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Friday-Mar-15-2002 at 14:41
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