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Average rating: 4.3 out of 5
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Das a hobbyist user from Uruguay writes:
An amazing piece of hardware! I love it! I have processed all kind of things throught it: drums, voice, guitar, bass, old and noisy cassette-player, a lot of keyboards: casios, yamahas, 80's suzuki, 70's acetone. It sounds like hell: fat, nasty, noisy. It presence is amazing. I really enjoy playing this little thing! I would like to have tne manual! :D

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Sunday-Dec-04-2011 at 02:52
burnttoys a professional user from UK writes:
The X911 is an amazing piece of kit. Here's what I do with it... 1 - process drums, fed 'em straight in and use autowah, weird triggering etc. 2 - play sequenced bass lines from a bassstation and then knob twiddle in realtime. 3 - wire it up to my Korg Sigma, very interesting. I can easily program in 4ths etc... 4 - feed other audio signals (via an amp) in to the volt/hz inputs... beaut. 5 - used it as a primitive MIDI->CV converter by feeding sine waves from an old FM synth into the X911 as audio then wiring the VCO/trigger outputs to other analogue synths.

Hints... the built in distortion is alright but a bit of a bass killer. get a noisey (noisey mind, not clean) distortion and process before the X911.

Only turn on the "SYNTHE" ac attack circuit and turn up the attack time... fiddle with the input control until you start getting glitches... feed in drums etc...

Vocals, it TOTALLY mashes up vocal. Real serious mega distortion.

Would I sell it? Never... never ever ever ever ever. I would like to wire it to an MS10 though.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Friday-Nov-18-2005 at 17:29
Chris de Jong a hobbyist user from Holland writes:
I just love my x911. I restored it (paint) and made wooden side plates from an old piece of wood from my grandma. Now it really looks as new and very vintage. I love the sound, got the ms20 aswell. Do think this is very diffrent sounding. Great piece of gear and fairly rare.

Rating: 4 out of 5 posted Sunday-Feb-29-2004 at 11:03
Goo a professional user from Austria writes:
The x-911 is a wonderful synth. from dirty to moogesque it gives you a strong and powerful bass/lead sound (especially the preset-sounds) But theres a little trick which makes this synth even more powerful: As this synth is triggered with any audio signals, you can of course trigger it with your midi synth. What i did is to connect one out of my Nordlead (it has four so thats no loss) and tried to find the best "trigger" sound (that takes a while - on my NL it´s a plain sine sound) and so "midified" my x-911 (Like a fake midi) The best thing is almost every knob of the Nordlead (i guess any other synth would do the same job) takes effect on the sound (lfo, apreggio, ADSR....) After some experience you have the fattest analog "midi" synth in your line up!!!!

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Tuesday-May-29-2001 at 10:15
annoin a professional user from usa writes:
Korg X-911 is few things:

1. It is a real powerful Analog Filter for any musical instrument with a mono pitch tracking, killer VCF and analog distortion.

2. It is a guitar synth and we had much luck with it as so.

3. It is a monophonic synthesizer with 2 groups of VCO's Group A is the musical instroment Group B is the synth section there is a fader to mix both groups.

4. It is a Line/Voice to CV/Gate ( korg/Yamaha style)

The sound says it all, you can get a rainbow colors of sound from insane 303 ( it is much older than 303) to a nice moogisg lead.

same filters/Vco as the Korg MS series. It even has an Auto Waw and portamento built in and it is built with all circuit 100% best of 70's Analog electronics.

try runing some drums thru it and you'll see for yourself.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Saturday-Mar-03-2001 at 23:52
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