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Average rating: 4.1 out of 5
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Dan Kearns a part-time user from USA writes:
This is the first (and only) sampler i've used in my few years in the realm of keyboarding. I got about 50 assorted "synth" disks from MUG, and have only started to use it for actual sampling. I haven't had time to figure out MASOS, but so far it's been fairly straightforward. The filters are truly wonderufl, i only wish it had a data slider or knobs, so you could change the parameters faster. i've heard of custom jobs... adding knobs to control filter q and stuff, anyone know anything about this? i have all the manuals, all the original disks, and tons of others, so if anyone needs some, drop me an e-mail. alsooo does anyone have the syntaur disks that make it 16 part multi-timbral or whatever? it's my only true analog synth, and it's hard to do a lot with it, since u only have two different samples at a time... thanx.

Rating: 4 out of 5 posted Monday-May-15-2000 at 20:05
xeroterra a professional user from usa writes:
25% for ease of use? come on now! i just picked up a mirage about 2 weeks ago and the whole thing including MASOS took me a matter of hours to figure out! this thing's a piece of cake, don't let these reviews scare you. if you're thinking of getting one try to get a formatting disk and MASOS with it. you can get the disks from syntaur, but they're a bit overpriced, i think. as if all of the other reviews didn't say this already, the best thing about the mirage is the low sample rate. suuuper noisey. i do industrial and this thing rocks my world with some good chaotic samples. don't expect to get good reproductions of your friend's pro one with this....just sample anything you can think of and tweak it to death. HEX isn't so bad. think about it like's 0-9 and then a-f. so, the highest value is FF, then FE, FD, FC, FB, FA..then F9, F8..and so on. it makes perfect's no big deal. (i am NOT a math if my explanation didn't make any sense that's because i'm stoned.) this is a new edition to my rig and i love it already. i will never get rid of this thing...the most fun sampler i have. rock! i give it a big fat 10 out of 5.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Wednesday-May-10-2000 at 05:29
Clarence a professional user from Philly writes:
I've had mine for almost 6 years.

Yes, the OS is confusing and your samples will sound like crap, but that's the beauty of it. You won't be using this to play back any orchestral instruments. Think of it as a sound "grunger/munger". Whatever you put into it will not sound like any other sampler in the world. If this kind of uniqueness appeals to you, the Mirage is for you.

Pipe the samples through a Lexicon reverb or a Vortex and you will have some cool sounds. Sample your favorite drum kit into it and make it sound like a cheap radio. If you can make the most of the 6 seconds of sampling time (3 seconds per keyboard half), you will learn to appreciate the large amounts of memory in bigger samplers.

Rating: 4 out of 5 posted Thursday-Jan-13-2000 at 00:21
Johnathan Taylor Thomas a hobbyist user from Sherman Oaks,California USA writes: sum this thing up. ITS NOT VERY GOOD. First the interface is terrible. Its like trying to build a house with your hands going through the mailbox. Its THAT hard. I have had mine for 3 years as a gift I got from Tim Allen and I have never even saved a sound because it was just way too hard. DO NOT BUY THESE. My friend even tried to take the top off because it wasn't working (as usual) and he was shocked . So please be careful. But just do your self a favor and save your self some headaches. Stay away from the Mirage.

Rating: 1 out of 5 posted Friday-Oct-01-1999 at 18:41
how many samplers were out in 1984 a hobbyist user writes:
1984 mirage was cool than crappy then cool again i owned one and it is cool but i traded it in for a E-mu Emualator 2 and realy this machine kicks a mirage and shows it self to for an extra $100-$200 bucks more u get alot more features and 17.6sec sampling time instead of a lousy 2-3 ooo aww but for a tight budget pick your self up a mirage its pretty neat for a sound that sounds like a pillow in front of your speakers!!!!!!!see ya

Rating: 3 out of 5 posted Saturday-Aug-14-1999 at 00:15
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