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Click for larger view arrowReleased: 1985  Specifications
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Toni Aittoniemi writes:
Although its sound and low memory, i've grown very attached to this little pre-historic sampler. If you love analog, and like to do a little experimenting, you're going to like this keyboard a lot. You can even program your own OS if you want to!

Synthsite:I used to have one of these, it's got great filters that can make the crappiest samples sound better. There's some really 'classic' library discs around for this so try and get as many with it as you can ,if you buy one. Sampling your own sounds is a nightmare cause all the parameters are in HEX code and many of 'em have strange value logic (less is more, more is less, minus HEX for heavens sake!) There is an advanced OS called MASOS ( i think) which gives you acces to more tweakin - More HEX!
Also I don't remember it having a 'local off' making it a bit tricky for a master keyboard.

Comments About the Sounds:
Totally a unique synth. 8-multitimbral sample playback with 8 real analog VCF's complete with envelopes and LFO. Also as the sample playback units are used as sort of "oscillators" with little programming one can create flang and phaser effects and other cool things.

(Thanks to Toni Aittoniemi for this info.)
and Ruffin Waller for the pic

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Ensonic Mirage sounds The Mirage preceded the revolutionary EPS and EPS-16+ sampler workstations in the Ensoniq line-up.It was one of the earliest affordable sampler synths in history. Listen to these sample demos where Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis enjoyed to play.

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