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Blaine a part-time user from Frankfort Kentucky writes:
Hello this is gumpman55 I have a CASIO CTK 671 because I was wanting to try the casio line of keyboards being that I had been playing YAMAHA keyboards I wanted to try it out and now I wish I had bought the MZ2000 because I like it a lot. I like the grate sounds on the CTK 671 but I feel that I had messed out on the MZ2000 and now CASIO could at any time come out with a keyboard that will make the MZ2000 look like S_ _ _ . they all ready have the WK3000 and 3500 and they have the CTK 691. It looks like the direction that they are going is going to be another MZ or some thing even better. that I would like to get my hands on big time. I play the orgen and the synthasizer alot. I like to play Ambeant music and New Age music. I like the sounds that casio makes. I wish they would get GM2 and GS and XGlight on thire boards then that away that could really kick but. The MZ2000 had a lot of feachers of a GS work station that roland would have built.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Monday-Nov-03-2003 at 16:16
DJ a hobbyist user from Oregon, USA writes:
Very nice board. I have compared it to Roland EM-25, Roland EM-55, and Casio WK1800 which by the way is the same board Radio Shack sells for $100.00 over the music stores. The EM-55 is the most advanced of the above three and has 16 track recording but no useable editing features. It doesn't let you change volume, change voices, or place data on a channel that doesn't already have data on it. Also no real editing of the dsp effects. It does have the 3,400 sounds though which is good if you need them. Once you get into the advanced search several of the sounds are duplicated without enough change to hear the difference. MZ2000 has full editing of the sounds. It doesn't have full range on the expression pedal (half range only) so using the pedal for Leslie simulation only partially works. I haven't found a way to adjust the portamento speed either. Editing individual notes is a little difficult because the sounds are not played as you scroll through the channel. I am used to that happening on my Roland XP-60 which is very good but in another class than the MZ. Drawbar effect is very good in my opinion and much better than the Korg and Yamaha top end personal arranger boards. This is because you can change the settings with the sliders to adjust the sound as you play. The two other much more expensive boards require a preset sound before playing on the drawbars. Four dsp effects, plus reverb, plus chorus, plus master effects can produce some very nice sounds. The synth is pretty good but lacks the extensive editing features of the better class synth engines. I believe however, that the person who buys this board to play music will be more than impressed with the synth feature. Can anyone tell me why there is no snare spring sound in any of these synths? (I'm including the upper end synths from Korg, Yamaha, and Roland) It would be so cool to layer that spring sound onto bass notes to copy a live group bass sound. The override is an ok attempt but sounds like someone is just hitting the cymbal with every bass note and that sounds kinda dumb to me. The arpeggiator is pretty low tech but will work for beginner players. It has no editing of the performace (accent) so you can't play 80's repetetive sounds like Obsession or Heart of Glass and sound believable. It would be nice if Casio has loadable sounds for sale. Being non expandable does have a slightly negative effect. Synth can help counter this, however. This board is extremely good in the feature for price catagory. It sounds pretty good as well. I would recommend it to anyone that is considering a personal arranger or even for someone that wants a cheap way to get Hammond sounds that can be edited on the fly including rotor speed. Not to mention the dsp of external sound sources including a mic input. It also has a system channel that records the arranger parts and then you can add the 16 tracks on top of that so making a song is pretty all inclusive. Hope this helps someone considering getting one of these decide to do so. Let me know if there is anything better for the price out there. My understanding is that this is a non-USA keyboard. If Casio does make a USA keyboard I hope it is the same style with more features. I'd be willing to pay more to get more. Thanks.

posted Sunday-Mar-16-2003 at 04:44
Michael Makar from USA writes:
Excellent quality sounds and arrangements! Paid $650. I would have paid $1000.00 if that was the selling price.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Monday-Sep-16-2002 at 18:16
Nathan Chapple a hobbyist user from Australia writes:
This has seriously got to be the best value keyboard getting around. I'm 16 and I just upgraded from a Technics KN-720 to the MZ-2000 (Believe me, it's a HUGE leap) and I haven't looked back. The one striking feature is the ergonomics of the keyboard. I compared it to a Technics KN-3000 and KN-5000 and noticed a succinct similarity in style, except the Casio's pianos actually sound like pianos. Anyway, I paid A$2180 for mine, where a guy I know paid A$5000 for a Technics KN-3000, which to me represents supreme value.

I think Casio deserves a pat on the back for their turn-around from toy keyboards to genuine contenders in the synth/keyboard market.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Friday-May-24-2002 at 08:34
Minister R L. Phillips a professional user from usa writes:
I just purchased the Casio MZ2000. The look is very impressive and the sounds are top quality. I am amazed of all its features, drawbars (very impressive), 17 track sequencer, effect settings and the bass booming out of it six speaker system. I am a church musician and the organ tones on this baby are very realistic; especially the leslie, vibrato and other effects. Its my understanding this is the top of the line for CASIO at this time. I started playing on a small CASIO keyboard in 1985 (the beginning of my music career). They have come a long way since then. It will take a really thrilling piece of equipment for CASIO to top this one. I'm excited to see what that will be! My MZ2000 listed for $1750.00 and I purchased it at a dramatic test market price of $650.00 in Dallas, TX. I am very please with my investment. Keep up the great ideas CASIO.... Slikk Rikk

Rating: 4 out of 5 posted Tuesday-May-21-2002 at 13:35
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