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  MZ-2000 At a Glance
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AJ Marrello ( writes:
I own both the MZ-2000 and a PSR-740. The mz compares favorably to the 740 in most areas and the sequencer functions and synth capabilities far exceed the 740. The onboard styles range from fair to very good, with the funk, 16 beat and 8 beat styles being among the best of the lot. The rock styles aren't as impressive. Sounds are very good and can be modified greatly via the synth function. The sequencer functions are excellent, particularly the song ( midi file ) to pattern conversion featutre. It allows you break down the parts of any midi and use them as user patterns ( styles ). More importantly for me it allows me to use some other manufacturers styles by converting them to midi's and then breaking them back down into patterns inside of the mz-2000 sequencer. Onboard sound system is excellent as well ( built in speakers ). Great board for the price.

Comments About the Sounds:
very good sounds comung from a casio. Compares favorably on most sounds with my Yamaha PSR-740

(Thanks to AJ Marrello for this info.)

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