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After EIII,Emu team was supposed to release voice expansion for EIII but instead of the same they released EIIIxp new sampler,rather restricted one so to speak (92.) EIIIxp was actually only purchasing time for the arrival of the big one EIV. For sake of information for those who lack full info. upon Emu architecture... Quite different from AKAI,ROLAND,ENSONIQ...till EIV every Emulator had REAL!!! analog filters. (except for EIIIxp) Unfortunately to upgrade EIII technology would be very hard and of the same $ astronomical equilibrium such as with pioneer models from NED and Fairlight. So future was obvious,Digital chip! One should know that EIV sound can't match EIII but... Apart from other digital samplers on the market, EIV is the most acceptable compromise in the last 10years. Why?,Because you have record polyphony,best sampling tools,best filters in digital domain,more and more exquisite and powerful tools. Last but not least,best digital sound on the market. For once in your life you can take your sampler and work with flexibility on holiday without fear for polyphony or memory reduction. - Ille optimus qui minimis urgetur -

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(Thanks to KENAN COSABIC : for this info.)

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