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  WNAMM07:More Videos online
  Fender, Roland, Boss, Muse: more lovely movies from the show

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  AES06SF: Saturday Videos Online
  A buncha fresh reports for you

  MESSE06: E-Mu Emulator X2 on show
  See the Sonicstate vid of this innovative software sampler

 | Flash Video 10:0 mins

  MESSE06: Two New USB 2.0 Audio Interfaces From E-MU
  One Portable

 | Flash Video 2:40 mins

  MESSE05: E-MU's Laptop System
  1616, Xboard and new sounds on show

 | Flash Video

  WNAMM05: New Laptop Sound Card From EMU
  'Most powerful and portable card ever'.

  WNAMM05: E-MU Enter USB Controller Market
  25 and 49 note with 16 programmable controllers

  AES: Emulator X Hits Version 1.5
  Host of new features added

  E-MU Power FX Now Shipping
  Free download from

  SNAMM04: E-MU Packs DSP Power To VST Plugins
  E-MU hardware can now be used to beef up VST systems

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