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In-depth Feature:  Modulating Modular Madness: two MOTM users share their experiences with us
Ken Joyce writes: .

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Aarons likes/dislikes
Complaints...well one is that the power distribution board only has 12 connections on it. The power supply can run like 28 [modules], so now I have to purchase another board just to fill out my rack. The mains lead is on the front of the rack....pain in the butt. I have power cord sticking out into my patches. Hate it. Another complaint...which was a selling point as well, is the sheer size. While I love the size, you can fill up a 15-space rack in no time flat. Now I will either have to spend more money on a larger rack, or split my system between two different racks. Seems ridiculous I know, but with MOTM being on the top side of the price scale, dollars start counting here. I am not complaining about the price, I believe you get what you pay for, and this stuff hammers all other modular synths I have put my hands on. Sonically and "road worthiness".

As far as service, I am currently running a 100% success rate on everything that I have built (my entire system). I have at least one of everything - and a couple of many things. The only piece I had to send back was an EG module due to a bad chip. Paul requested that I did so he could check the parts - he apparently ended up with a bad batch. It was there and back in like 4 days (priority mail). Any questions I have had Paul has gotten back to me that day via e-mail, or just a phone call away. VERY NICE!!! MOTM has a users group that is great to bounce ideas around in, and gleen loads of tips and knowledge from.

Likes, well aside from the things mentioned above, sonics. These modules sound great - that's all there is to it. The VCO and LFO lay the Doepfer down to sleep. *However* I will say there were times when I liked the fact the Doepfer had artifacts (distortion) at the top and bottom of its wave cycles. Those are nice harmonic additives that give a distinct character to the Doepfer. The MOTM on the other hand does not do this....SMMMMOOOOOOOTH is what it is all about. The filters all can be kind and mellow to rip your brains out aggressive. Just turn the easy to grab knob. Excuse me while I go play a while.

A majority of the time, I use the modules stand-alone. If that was not already clear from the description of their usage in my job. Ringmods on cymbals and SubOctave on vocals and other synths and loops (SkinnyPuppy beware!). I can go on and on.

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