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In-depth Feature:  Modulating Modular Madness: two MOTM users share their experiences with us
Ken Joyce writes: .

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Larry's Dislikes

I have learned so much from Paul about how to do things the right way. I have learned enough that I am now designing and building some of my own circuits or modifying other designs. As much as I love my MOTM, I enjoy what I am learning even more.

I guess the only thing I don't like about MOTM is the slow pace of module development. Quality takes time. And, as humans, we are inherently impatient. And, one of the ways that Paul controls cost is to do much of the legwork himself. All that takes time. So, I expect that the construction and completion of my MOTM system will go on for another year or so. However, that has advantages too. I have a system I can use. I get an opportunity to explore each new module as I build it. And, I only pay for modules when they are shipped. Building my MOTM System has been easy on my pocketbook. Every month or two, I shell out about $150-200 for a module. So, for about $75 a month, I am supporting my modular habit, getting a killer quality modular system and learning as I go. As far as I know, not one other modular seller can offer that unique combination. Others may offer one, but not all.

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