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In-depth Feature:  Modulating Modular Madness: two MOTM users share their experiences with us
Ken Joyce writes: .

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Aaron's decision
It really came down to either a Doepfer system or a MOTM. After quite some time with the Doepfer, I decided it was just a little too flimsy for me. My partner has his in a rack, and it never moves. However he uses it all the time - I mean ALL the time. The thing that I noticed is how pots in the Doepfer started getting loose, or jacks would push through the faceplate or become loose. I figured if this is how it holds up when it is used all the time and never moves, what is going to happen when I use it all the time and it moves from studio to studio to home studio back to my studio, back to a 'real' studio. I have big hands (ok, fat fingers)....little knobs and lotsa patch cables did not exactly make life easy for me. I did really like the sound of the Doepfer though, even up against the 100m, both sonically different and fun to use.

Another selling point to me for the MOTM was the 1/4 interface. It is much easier to find these types of cables in the studio than a whole load of mini's. The + or - 10 v pk to pk is great because I can just plug it right into any signal chain in the studio.

Building them is a lot of the fun for me. Paul's directions are well thought out, and easy to follow. I highly recommend that people follow his suggestions if you are purchasing tools to do it yourself. They make all the difference for final fit, finish, and ease. I am somewhat of a solderjockey so that was never a problem, and suffing the boards is a piece of cake. My personal suggestion is that a person builds them two at a time if they can. This way you have a chance to double-check yourself as you go. The more involved modules, VCO, LFO, and VCF's can get a little intimidating at first glance. I cannot give you a time that it takes me from module to module. I usually build them in groups of two's or three's. I start the evening before and separate all the resistors in to piles, then start the next morning actually soldering. I can finish three in a 8 to 10 hour day - with lunch and a couple of breaks in there. Maybe this is a good pace, I do not know, but it gives me enough to be happy when I am finished and ready for the next batch when it shows up in a month or so.

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