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In-depth Feature:  Modulating Modular Madness: two MOTM users share their experiences with us
Ken Joyce writes: .

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Larry's Conlusion

The bottom line is that MOTM is the only way I could possibly afford to have a big modular system of this quality. Others are either too cheaply made, or just cost too much. No one out there offers the value / price ratio of MOTM in my opinion. They are addictive. Once you build one, and it works perfectly right off the bat, you want to build more. Once you hold that quality on your hand, you want more. And once, you hear the sound, you want more.

The nice thing about it is you can save up to buy one at a time. There is no pressure or reason to buy more until you are ready. You buy at your own pace.

Even though I had built lots of things, I found that I learned new methods from Paul. His instructions are the best. He even taught me what solders to use. I used to buy rosin core stuff from Radio Shack. No longer, I buy what Paul says to use. In fact, he is so insistent on the correct solder that he includes it in every kit (2 different kinds).

Call me an addict, but call me a happy and satisfied one too.”

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