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In-depth Feature:  Modulating Modular Madness: two MOTM users share their experiences with us
Ken Joyce writes: .

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Larry's Likes..
Here are some of the things I like about MOTM:

No compromise on part quality - nice jacks, pots, and knobs. So the user interface feels and works as good as it looks.

1/4" phone jacks - 1/8" jacks found on others are just not reliable enough for me. And, banana jacks are not shielded.

Panel size and layout - MOTM panels feature a standard layout which always features jacks across the bottom and pots and switches in a standard spacing above. Plenty of room for fingers and such without trying to snake in between a mess of wires to reach a control.

Great instructions - Paul’s assembly instructions are second to none. And, he always includes full schematics, a nice write up on how the circuit works, and some tips on using the module. You can tell that Paul is a real synth lover. He wants us all to learn as we build and use. Unlike others who may be in the business just to make money, Paul participates mostly for his love of synth. I am certain he could (and does) make more money on other projects.

100% support - You can pick up the phone and call Paul or e-mail him a question just about anytime. He answers e-mail within hours (often minutes).

Quality of circuits and construction - Paul's circuits are not just re-hashed 30 year old designs. In many cases, vintage circuits that are worth reproducing are utilized. But, these modules are based on today's technology and today's available parts. You will not find hard-to-get, out-of-production parts in MOTM modules. The VCO is rock stable. The filters work perfectly. You could probably drop kick a completed MOTM module and it would survive. The PCB doesn't just hang form the pots like some manufacturers do. They are bolted to solid metal brackets that are bolted to the fronts. These modules are built to last.

User input - We have a user's mailing list for MOTM customers and those considering purchase. One of the subjects of common discussion is new module development, desired features, and customer desires. Although Paul makes the ultimate decisions about module features, he listens to what his customers want and values their opinions. It is somewhat like a collective development in the sense that many great ideas are generated and discussed that otherwise might not have been conceived or implemented. How many other musical instrument makers respond to customer input? They are all tied up in market research of the masses.

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  • Thanks to Cary Roberts for the picture

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