Best Delay Pedal For Guitar

What's the best digital delay pedal on the market in 2014?   11-May-14

1. Strymon Timeline

Come on, you knew this was going to be number one, didn't you? Since its release in 2011, the Strymon Timeline has gone on to be the undisputed king of delay pedals.

It stands alongside the Eventide TimeFactor in a category of delay pedals reserved for people who are really, really, serious about delay.

The Strymon Timeline is successful in the two areas you need your delay pedal to excel in:

  • It sounds beautiful and does the simple things well
  • It is also thoroughly, absolutely, insane and will help you create sounds that turn you from guitarist into sonic sculptor

The list of features goes on forever, it has a looper, extraordinary capacity for MIDI integration, eight parameters including filter, grit, smear and modulation, and room for 200 user presets.

It has dTape, dBucket analog delay settings, as well as multi-tap, reverse, swell, ducking, locked-tremolo, locked-filter, lo-fi, non-linear and ice delays.

And according to our readers, it's the best digital delay pedal on the market right now.


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