Best Delay Pedal For Guitar

What's the best digital delay pedal on the market in 2014?   11-May-14

Best Delay Pedal For Guitar

What's the best digital delay pedal for guitar in 2014? Whether you play alt-rock, metal, P&W or Icelandic-jazz-funk-rock-fusion-post-punk, you're probably going to need a delay on your board.

For most guitarists now, the choice of digital delays boils down to a trade-off between flexibility, footprint and price. Some companies out there are cramming rack units into stompboxes, while many companies still nail the traditional digital delay compact stompbox.

So with the plethora of delay pedals available in 2014, what's the best delay for guitarists?

That's the exact question we asked you. From a shortlist of 20 digital delay pedals, we've used your votes to nail down the five most popular options among our readers.

5. Line 6 DL4

A classic kitchen sink digital delay 'unit' which also has a looping function; the Line 6 DL4 can be found on the rigs of numerous professional touring musicians.

The DL4 Delay Modeler replicates the sound of a number of analog delay types such as tape echo and tube echo, while also featuring some crazier sounds such as mod-delay, auto volume delay, sweep echo and rhythmic delay.

It has four footswitches... FOUR! One of which is, usefully, a tap tempo. It's durable, reliable and sounds warmer than samba music being played by a band wearing woolly jumpers in the midday sun.

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