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  WNAMM07:More Videos online
  Fender, Roland, Boss, Muse: more lovely movies from the show

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  WNAMM07: Alesis Launch FireWire Interface/Control Surface
  io|Control offers computer I/O and control surface functionality for mobile and home studio recording

 | Flash Video 2:18 mins

  WNAMM07: Alesis Introduces MasterControl
  High-quality FireWire Audio Interface and Control Surface

 | Flash Video 2:0 mins

  WNAMM07:Latest Videos Online
  Something for the weekend sir?

  SNAMM06: It's A Groovy Pad from Alesis
  Alesis unveils the Control Pad USB/MIDI Percussion Controller

 | Flash Video 2:42 mins

  MESSE06: Alesis Annaounces Two Podcasting Packages
  Available in either USB or FireWire configurations, all the essentials for creating one’s own podcasts

 | Flash Video 2:6 mins

  Alesis Fusion OS to 1.21
  Update adds pattern based sequencing and more

 | Flash Video

  WNAMM06: Alesis Fusion New Voices
  Latest OS demo from the floor

 | Flash Video 2:50 mins

  WNAMM05: Alesis Fusion Synth Leaked
  Brand new synth workstation to debut at NAMM05

  WNAMM05: Alesis Fusion Demo
  We came, we saw, we filmed

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