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  Unboxing: Alesis IODock For iPad
  Access to Audio and MIDi io

    MP4 3:36 mins    

  MESSE11: New Alesis Tube Preamps
  Single or dual-channel operation with the MicTube Solo and MicTube Duo

    MP4  | Flash Video 2:26 mins

  WNAMM11: Alesis DM8 Pro Drums
  New stand, pads and cymbals

    MP4  | Flash Video 4:14 mins

  WNAMM11: Slimline Alesis Multi Mixers
  New in the range

    MP4  | Flash Video 1:38 mins

  WNAMM11: Best iPad Connectivity In Show?
  The Alesis Studiodock

    MP4  | Flash Video 2:20 mins

  WNAMM10: The Multimix 6 USB
  The Latest Combined USB Mixer & Audio Interface

 | Flash Video 2:25 mins

  WNAMM10: Lowdown On The New DM10 Studio Kit
  New Drums From Alesis

 | Flash Video 5:57 mins

  WNAMM10: New Alesis Field Recorders
  Two New Audio & Visual Recorders

 | Flash Video 3:16 mins

  PLASA09: Alesis MD-10 Pro Drum Kit
  More of everything, plus 3rd party sounds

 | Flash Video 4:15 mins

  MESSE08: Alesis Bang The Drum
  Surge cymbals and USB brain

 | Flash Video 3:9 mins

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