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Average rating: 2.3 out of 5
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a hobbyist user writes:
I bought this unit from an auction dealer and it was very hard at the begining to learn how to use it and to record on several tracks but finally i got it right. When everything was set it works properly.

Rating: 3 out of 5 posted Wednesday-Mar-31-2004 at 15:43
Matthew Johnson a part-time user from Wallingford, Vermont USA writes:
I learned a lot on this machine. I bought it used in 89 and hooked it up to the latests Casio keyboard with midi I/O. I liked the step recorder...I made a lot of tunes with no were limited...but sounded fun to me. Synthy bits...that left me with a lot of storage. The thing's nostalgia is where it's at! I now use the 'puter with all it's bells and whistles. I still think this thing's good for beginners.

Rating: 2 out of 5 posted Friday-Feb-21-2003 at 13:59
sjmojo a professional user writes:
its a basic seq w/ a total of 8 tracks,but u have to bouce tracks every time u finished one or two then save some buffer and let the trk1 and 2 for furhter recording,funny enough,not a big downside but u have to get used to it and doing more steps than other sequencers'users.well,its got old fsk tape sync that sync w/ old tape multitracking,its good if u still have the old tracking machine or simple 4trk cassette trackers,'coz many newer sequencer won't have this old skool sync options,right,today tracking standard is hdr,who the hell stilll using tape trackers??

Rating: 2 out of 5 posted Wednesday-Jun-06-2001 at 18:42
a hobbyist user writes:
I have used my QX5 for almost 5 years now. I no longer use it to record with but when I play live it has never let me down. I can have 8 tracks playing at once and to each of those tracks I can attach many macros. I usually have my completed songs on the first four tracks and have improvisation on the other four tracks with some weird efects being triggered off whilst the beats are playing. A very good feature of the QX5 is that it can sync with my older analogue equipement because it can transmit and recieve an FSK signal. Most people will say its crap but I've owned a MMT-8 and the Yamaha is much more versatile especially when recording. If your thinking of going live then give the QX5 a thought you may not be disappointed. The only down side I found is that my QX5 has no floppy disc drive. But the QX5FD exists and it's out there for you to find. As a hardware sequencer I would give it 2.5/5 because it can do its job properly if you know how to use it.

posted Saturday-Mar-06-1999 at 13:45
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