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Lucas a professional user from Poland writes:
I sold Yamaha EX5 and Minimax ASB ;( but i get Motif ES 7 several days ago and... Compared to my experience with a lot of gear over many years I have to say this machine is simply amazing. Not by interface, which better has Fantom X/G, not by bunch of options, like Kurzweil, not by touch screen, Karma etc extras like KORG, but simply by SOUND!! Just rocks... I play mainly jazz/fusion+progressive rock, so pianos, ep, guitars, brasses, pads etc are essential. First of all... A-M-A-Z-I-N-G guitars!! Piano is finally good (32MB multisamples on it make it well;] but I don't want to sell my little MicroPiano yet ;]), epianos are superb (Steve Weingart from Dave Weckl Band is playing on it 'till today;>), synth sounds aren't that great, yes, but U can get AN expansion... Hey, in our times good VST or good VA can resolve it;) If we speak about acoustic sounds, Yamaha simply rocks... I get VL expansion to my Motif and it get very well:) About easy operating this workstation... EX5 was veeeery confusing, I learned couple of things just in few days, so it's not that bad:) Plus, I don't have any bigger experience with other's brands workstations 'cause I was using just them as synths... Key action - perfect, solid build like a tank, very estetical, USB loading not lightning-fast, but enough to load lesser samples - internal memory card is very fast so U can store everything on it and load in few seconds after power up. I'm looking forward after coming from work to play on it, to discover it's possiblites... It's like new girlriend:) So far, 5 stars! This instrument will touch Your soul:) It HAS a soul...:)

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Wednesday-Oct-29-2008 at 16:38
Dimitris a hobbyist user from Greece writes:
I bought this model MOTIF ES6 4 months ago. it costed me 1700 euros.

It is not that difficult to learn , I like the manual , I cannot understand what people are find so hard. IT has however a diffirent kind of logic than anything else. A kind of Logic that takes time to learn but is better. I have been using sof for 9 years now and All I can say that the guys at YAMAHA now how to build a highly useful interface.

The level of depth of this instrument is amazing. A huge plus is it capability to accept up to 1 GB RAM. I have bought 512MB RAM which costed me 70 Euros. That mean that you easily exampand its sound palete almost 10 times!!!!

The only downside is the very slow save and load function for usb flash. Too slow. It has been fixed in MOTIF XS.

The sounds are very very good for 175 MB. The weak ones is Brass and Organ. The amazing ones are pads,lead,sound effects, synths,pianos, electric pianos and drums.I compared the electronic presets of MOTIF ES and VIRUS TI and i can say MOTIF wins hands down. Virus may be an exellent synth for creating new sounds but its sounds especially its pads presets are not very good.

The accoustic sounds of MOTIF are from ok to very good. The weak ones are Brass and Organ. I still think that soft samplers are better in this , especially if they are several GBs long. Of course here come the 1GB RAM of MOTIF ES to compensate which means you can throw in any amount of samples you want.

Another huge plus is , a huge community of ... actually a planet for MOTIF!!!You will find anything in this site , it is just worth to buy the motif only for this site.

Of course the built quality is excellent and its keys are the best in the market.

Obviously you must hear it to see it it right for you but , please do not forget to use the excellent effects and arpeggios they are on the best things of MOTIF.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Friday-Aug-03-2007 at 08:52
Andrew a professional user writes:
Good sounds but very hart to learn how to use it.

Sold mine and bought Roland Fantom X6 instead, miles better!!!

ES6 has got very good acoustic sounds but the synthsounds is really thin and static compared to Roland Fantom X.

Test the ES6 a few hours before you buy it, trust me the Fantom X will kill it in almost every way!

Rating: 2 out of 5 posted Wednesday-May-23-2007 at 14:12
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