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Ohm a part-time user from Home writes:
There have been many words spoken on this synth, so i will keep it short. I just want to say that this thing sounds amazing. And there is every reason to grab one of these. WAY under-rated imho and a useful tool in any studio. I will probably never sell this puppy. AND it has a breath controller input. cool. The fact that it can read and play SMF via smartmedia is really cool!!

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Tuesday-Jan-17-2006 at 00:30
O.Pedgley a hobbyist user from England writes:
IMHO, the Yamaha CS6R is the most versatile and highly specified rack-based SMF playback device ever made. Very few people I think are aware of this tremendous aspect of the CS6R, aside from its sound creation capabilities. Yamaha haven’t done a better job since, and all of the competition fall short on one or more aspects. The CS6R has the perfect specification for live playback management, allowing many set lists (chains) to be created and stored, and defining pauses or skips between songs. SMFs and chain data are read directly and instantaneously from the Smart Media card. Vitally, the SMF data can drive internal CS6R sounds as well as external MIDI devices (you don’t get that with the Fantom XR). Also vitally, playback can be driven by either INTERNAL or EXTERNAL MIDI CLOCK, and the CS6R responds to incoming MIDI start / stop / continue messages. The maximum capacity compatible card is 128MB, corresponding to a colossal 33,554,430 note/event playback capacity (calculation = 128 x 1024 x 1024bytes; average MIDI event = 4 bytes). A far cry from devices utilising 1.44MB floppy disks (which I used to, in the form of the Peavey MIDIStreamer)! Rock solid timing and reliable... perfect if you don't want to take your workstation / laptop on the road.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Friday-Dec-30-2005 at 17:03
a professional user writes:
Roland MC-909 or CS6R?, one of these lucky synths are gonna be in my studio. Which one would you advise?

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Saturday-Jul-05-2003 at 13:27
miek writes:
CS6x, I have this with the AN1x Plug in board, I I must say Im pritty impressed. I couple this unit with the RM1x Sequencer and I must say this synth has the best presets off all synths I auditions and own/owned. (From XP80, XP30, Kurzweil 2500 2600, Triton, various Korg Novation Nord and Virus synths and evin EX5 etc...) The thing is however, I purchaced this 'Demo' unit for $350 at MARS (out of business), never having auditioned it before but perhaps a few times, it was a risky whim, however I do not regret this decision now, If I didnt get it, this little girl would have, I mean a little 16 year old girl with her daddy, it was funny how I ended up getting this unit. I think the dad was going to ask the dealer about the unit, but I snagged an extra keyboard case and fitted the keyboard into it and walked to check out... (Opps did I do that?) well anyway the keyb and the base for under $500, a steal, literally!

Anyway, back to the synth.... I'm used to korg and roland style synth programming, and this is sort of differnt, meaning that when I first tried programming sounds, I thought that the +- 64 were the equivilant of 0-127, witch seemed akward to me... But I was wrong, In fact you gotta dig deep into the archetecture to set the inital pitch and cutoff values and etc....

The raw waveform selection was full of Bright tones and then at lease two or three other darker/variation waveform alternatives. I thought this was brilliant for synth programing, for example, some of the E.guitar Presets implement Guitar Hard Guitar Soft Guiatar Harmonic High and Lo Harmonic waveform samples mapped intelligently acroose velocity/ aftertoutch and KB range!

I played back Guitar midi tracks and wham, most impressive... WOW, Although there is some noticable artificial articulation to playback (if you actuly tried to listen to the human aspect of guitar playing) the Eguitar patches were most impressive nontheless. You can play some badass power Chords just woth your Keyboard, Playing Perfect 5ths while Playing the MOD WHEEL. One of my Favrotes is the Patch '1000 WATTS' Witch has badass ribbon toutch and Mod wheel feel while playing guitar leads.

I'm also supried that that patch used a light Piano waveform instaied of a guitar string wave for its main tone... still wow.

One day I was working on a beutiful sustained vocal sample from a girl I recorded onto my hard disk. I put some reverb on it, and continued to finish my track... then all this sudden.. I stumbpled upon the 'Shanti' CS6x preset... FLAWLESS, this was what I wanted the sample I was working to be! Really! Ply sustained note progressions with Shanti Vocal Preset in the high range and wow.

And then theres the drum kits, wow... its a shame that the CS6x dod not get the reputation it deserved.

Also try the Chello String Preset samples. I was sort of frusterated by the fact that I coulnt program a sound that ened up having a better sounding Preset of a similar sound, with a few exceptions.

Try the classic Orgen samples too, although I was disappointed not to find any good Church organs presets or raw waves (I still have a use for my JV synth after all :), I was totaly inspired by the trippy orgons witch got me making new Triphp grooves, Its that emotion you know... you get that feeling when your play that right sound....

Try playing Minor - Major - Minor - Major Modes with these patches and you get that perfect dark atmosphereic type feeling.

Let me tell you fellows why you should get this synth...

Flexable Midi Managment!! #1 You can assign 2 or more CS6x Part to the same midi channer or Turn channel in OFF And another feature you dont see in many other synths, you can Choose what midi mesages are received on Each part for example, you can tell your PART 1-4 to not recieve CC# but you can Transmit them, and viceversa, This flexibility goes down from the Knobs on the pannel, to CC, PC, AFTERTOUCH, RIBBON, NOTE RANGE, On each part and MIDI Channel

Excelent Waveform Selection #2 There is at lease two or three waveform variations that give life to the sound when used the right way!

Four (Five with Harmony Plug) Effect Processors #3 These effects are totally customizable, with no less than 7 parimaters on most of them. You can even assign Insert effect settings to patch KB, Velocity After toutch, Mod wheel, Knob assignment Pedals and CC# assignment!!! I'v only seen such flexabilty on the EX5 and K2500! WOW

The First Two effects are Global send effects CHORUS and Reverb, the Chorus has mainly Modulated Delay Time based effects such as Flanger, Chorus, and Phasor Reverb has mainly Differnt Reverb and Delay Types. Insert 1 and Insert 2 are unfoutunately not sendable, but only Assign up to two channel parts at a time. But these are usuly your lead instruments.... Awesome Guitar Rig Effects Combineing Cabinet Size with PreQ then to Over Drive Gain, and differnt combonation ofs such...

I was sort of dissapointed not to find some of the EX5s DSP EFFECTS, such as Seismix, Tornato, Earthquake, Water, Self FM, and Faso, however there is a watter type effect on the CS6x but does not come close to its programbility...

Yamaha created the MOST UNIQUE EFFECT TYPES EVER with the EX5! You simply can not recreate them on any other synth, you just cant! Well you can fake it but those effects are awesome.. Its a damn shame theres not a KDFX Option for the CS6x GRRRRRR! Im sorry...

Well you can get the Harmont Board for an extra Insert effect. Anyway bac on subject...

Another reason to get the CS6x # 4.... 2INPUTS , You can plug a guitar or Aux your Microphone and use it into the synth structure and effects, and sample it into the reason # 5

SAMPLER # 5 With a 128 Meg card, you can sample up to 50 minutes of Sterio CD Qualaty Waveforms... The sample part of the CS6x can load up to 4 megs into its D-ram per Performance (song setup mode) It is nice to have a Phrase Sample for a sample section... you can bust out your vocal tracks and map it to the keyboard and assign it to whatever midi channel you like... The CS6x Also RECONIZED WAV files :)

Master Controler # 6 The keyboard can instantly send on any combo of mii channels 1-16 to the midi out at anytime (Hold down shift and select Midi chanel for single mode) in Split Layer mode (Hold shift and secect Midi Channels in order) Yuo can assign any CC# to 5 knobs under the display*** (Theres a trick on how to this) Keyboar Transmits Aftertoutch, Velocity, PCH BEND, Mod Wheel1 and so on....

FILTER MODES # 7 I like these digital filters because they never ever clip!!!! evin at MAX rezonance settings! Its a shame it does not self oscilate (The PLG-AN Filter self oscilates though), but it is still excelent nontheless... You have Two Filters Per voice... 1 Multi filter MANY types LPF12, LFP18, LFP24, DLPF, BPF, HPF and two more I cant think of 2 HPF - Just your typical non rezonating High pass filter

Now of course there are some bad sounds and curses on the 6x... Its easy to run out of Voises when using more than 8 parts at the same time, because most of the patches are complex with 4 voice tone layout.... and well... you get the picture... However, I usuly use only 4 to 6 parts for a song, and that would be Sampler, Part 1 Part 2.... Part 14 L/R and Part 15 Aux1 PLG-AN(Ch16) Aux2.

And so... this is my life story, I hope you enjoyed it as much as I had living it...

The end.

-- Miek

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Sunday-Jun-01-2003 at 04:54
Paul a part-time user from USA writes:
I have the Keyboard version and I love it! The filters are nice and yes of course it has the the same sound set as the EX5, S90 etc. but you you can do SO much with those samples, I heard they are really cheap now...

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Friday-Apr-25-2003 at 03:14
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