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Average rating: 3.6 out of 5
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t.prowse a part-time user from new zealand writes:
this is a great fun machine lets you poke and play with sound have spent hours on mine and love every button and knob Greatly underestimated what a shame. thanks Roland

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Wednesday-Jun-13-2007 at 04:30
phloem a part-time user writes:
Picked one up for $250. Loaded the latest OS and started loading .wavs. It's easy to use. Hasn't crashed on me yet. A electronic musician's dream for sample mangling. I think the people who gave poor reviews for this unit were trying to make too many cheezy r&b background vocal harmonies. True, it can't exactly pull that off, but for your standard electronica time and pitch bending, there is no better hardware unit. Perfect for DnB vocal stretching. Great underrated unit.

Rating: 4 out of 5 posted Monday-Jul-04-2005 at 11:44
Dust Angel from Buffalo New york writes:
Iam sorry I can't speak on all the freeze ups on the vp,but I can shed some light on what it was primarly meant to do.It was designed to do what all samplers was supposed to do,and thats change tempo and pitch independently of each other.It was also designed to deal with vocals in an unprece- dented way.The vp can bring a sample to life,no other sampler on the market can do that.A lot of you reviewing the device probably just can't work it.As far as the price,worth every pennie,to be able to sync a sample with out destroying it or completely changing it,priceless!

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Monday-May-02-2005 at 20:09
Jose Saez a part-time user from Chile writes:
All right, i'm writing this at the end of April, 2005. I bought my Vp-9000 used, for a measly US$ 350. I wouldn't be able to pay US$ 3000 for it, as many people did back in 2001. I have Ableton Live installed in my PC, and it does a lot of the things that the VP-9000 does. However, the VP-9000 can still give a hard fight to Ableton Live... almost 5 years after it was released to the market !

Don't misunderstand me: Ableton Live is an excellent piece of software, and it is great to work with. But a mouse doesn't replace the inmediacy of a keyboard. I've connected my synth to the VP-9000, and sampling instruments and loops is a lot of fun. It is simple. Very simple. I learnt to use it in less than a week.

I've had this thing for a couple of months, and today i was playing with some samples, and added some of the internal effects. I'm sorry, someone wrote in this forum that the effects were the same kind of effects that you would find in a home keyboard. He was wrong, very wrong. Today i added a guitar amp emulation, and i could choose from 14 different amp types. 12 different types of speakers. 10 different Mic settings. For a total of 18 different parameters... just for one effect !

The resulting loop, with effects and everything was pure DAFT PUNK. Gee, you can hear this machine on all the discovery album.

A lot of samplers have appeared in the last years. Akais, Emus, Yamahas. All of them great machines, but who could tell one from the other ? I'm not saying that they are useless, not at all. I'm just saying that they all do the same things. The VP-9000 might be short in polyphony, but what it lacks on voices, it adds in character. No sample that goes into the VP-9000 comes out unchanged. It really adds "something" to the sound that the others don't. It is nasty, digital, crunchy, but musical. It adds flavor, certainly, a lot of flavor. What other samplers can do, a computer can do a lot better. Better interface, more hard disk space, whatever. But a computer can't replace my VP-9000.

The VP-9000 is the only hardware sampler i've kept. Software samplers can replace every other machine out there, but i'm not letting the VP-9000 go.

Thanks to the bashers ! If they didn't had complained so much about the VP-9000, probably the price would still be high, and i wouldn't be able to get one second hand.

If you have less than US$ 400 today, you can get a VP-9000 easily. I bought mine planning on selling it in my country, but after using it, i'd never give it up. I foresee many years of use for this thing...

(oh, by the way, i had only one crash in all these months: install the new O.S. !!!)

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Thursday-Apr-28-2005 at 01:03
jack a professional user from uk writes:
The vp9000 is an irreplaceable sampler for me.Ive sued most samplers and still use an akai s6000 for multitimbral stuff.The vp9000?dont file under sampler , file under ' from another planet ' .If you do abstract or electronica or have an open mind musically and are creative rather than a producer producing a product or lost in style and fashion then get this sampler . . . nothing else does this samplers trickery . . . from freeze framing to REALTIME timestretching etc its one of a kind . . . ive tried replacing this thing with all manner of gedgets from a kyma system to kontakt and stenbergs voice machine but NOthing matches this machine for its tricks . . .its especially good for vocals . . . but when you start encoding beats and loops etc its mad what comes out . . .its most suited to creative and openminded electronica , though it will suit any type of producer its its obscure fractalised and fragmented nature at times that is unique.Of course if you have the cash by a v synth ! This ones not for idiots looking for fame an glory , but one for open minded creative minds.Ignore any negative reviews . . . it indicates a narrow mind.

Domt buy as your first or only sampler unless your unto tripped out music or you have the ability to dub tracks of audio with cubase sx etc . . it was never designed for multitimbral work , it was designed to timestretch and shift and warp in realtime and its really best described as a re-synthesis/sampler and masher . . .in the right hands this thing sounds sublime !

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Sunday-Jan-02-2005 at 12:48
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