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Average rating: 4.2 out of 5
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KillerBill a hobbyist user from UK writes:
This was my first keyboard bought about two years ago. I learned to play on it and still love many of the presets especially the piano. I like playing on it, the keys feel nice and can be very expressive. It's quite easy to change the presets but adding effects can be fiddly. Although Korg don't support it as such they will sell you new manuals which you need to get the best out of it. If you don't like the sounds there are a lot of effects to apply, one or two at a time and they can really make the difference in adding warmth to some of the thinner preset sounds. I've since paired it up with a M1R and probably should have bought an M1 instead but they cost more at the time. My only real gripe is not being able to put my own samples into the machine but I've bought an Akai S3000xl which does that job well enough for me. I've since bought several other keyboards to do other things that the ix300 can't do but I still love and recommend it. Moog Little Phatty tribute edition, JenSX1000 with midi added, and a Microkorg.

Rating: 4 out of 5 posted Wednesday-May-30-2007 at 17:44
Gábor Zoltán a hobbyist user from Hungary writes:
Dear Madam/Sir,

My questions are the followings in connection with the KORG IX300:

1. Can I program the ADSR of sounds? 2. If I can, how can I save them?

Thank you for your help.

BEst Regards, Zoltán Gábor from Hungary my mail:

Rating: 0 out of 5 posted Thursday-Feb-08-2007 at 14:22
Sandeep Mitra a hobbyist user from India writes:
The iX300 is really a very very exciting model.It is highly user friendly with a sturdy metal case. The looks itself charm anyone. The sound quality is superb in comparision to synthesizers of other companies.But the iX300 is not a synthesizer but a Music Workstation! And one can really do many things with it. The Backing Sequence mode is very good and the after-touch facility is another unique feature. The only thing lacking is a proper display(the one present is quite small with respect to the facilities available). The iX300 is a model ahead of its time.Only few of the present keyboards can be compared with this 1997 model of Korg.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Sunday-Nov-19-2000 at 11:26
Gianni a hobbyist user from Italy writes:
I think that ix300 is a good machine. It has good presets, good effects, it's easy to use and program, and 32 notes of polyphony are enough for a 2 oscillators system. Also it has good drumsets and a good seq. Exactly; GOOD. But no more. You can transform the good sounds in very good sounds... BUT NO MORE. The real limit of this keyboard is the synthesis system... Some problems of frequencies...

Rating: 3 out of 5 posted Saturday-Oct-07-2000 at 16:53
Shreenivas Raghavan a hobbyist user from India writes:
It first sounded absurd to buy a model in Jun2000 that was long back removed from the official Korg sites and support. The iX300. First I decided to buy a Korg keyboard because of the overall ratings and build quality. I evaluated the N5EX, N364. N5EX was fitting into my bill but was only a synth not a workstation. N364 was OK but was appx 1000 USD and did not have a direct PC/to-Host interface which I am very much used to with my Yamaha PSR-530 and Cakewalk. In both above models I was missing the Styles and the Interactivity. But i30 was way to expensive. that is the time when I was bidding in, I came across a Florida store selling overstocked iX300. I ended up the highst bidder with below USD600.

Once you go through the manuals few times, the controls become very friendly. Nevertheless what is missing is a number key pad to directly input values and the buttons in pairs to change the volumes/values on the leftside could have been sliders making it ideal. I don't understand the reason behind having the floppy drive located on the side and the headphone jack located in the rear. you have provision for connecting an EC-5 assignable pedal too. The joystick type of mod/pitch wheel is also a cool feature as compared to the N5EX. It has an aftertouch in addition to velocity sensitivity and the amount of the both aftertouch and velocity can be edited.

The Sound quality is very very impressive. It can easily be used on stage and live without a second thought. It is much more realistic than my first keyboard, an Yamaha PSR-530. If you have an apetite for adding user patches by editing allmost all parameters of the in-built sound, this is the best machine. Only the knobs are missing for doing the same realtime. But you can change sounds real-time with the buttons.

The build quality is one of the best. Metal case. Only keys are not matching with the quality of the casing but better or comparable to others. It is really heavy (11 kgs)

If you could only create user styles and could only store more user styles....This is the best machine. Having only 32 note polyphony does not hurt as you can add modules like X5DR or so.

Can anyone explain why KORG has made this model obsolete?

Rating: 4 out of 5 posted Sunday-Aug-13-2000 at 00:20
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