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Ben Lamers a part-time user from The Netherlands writes:
The Elka Solsist 505 is an weird looking preset/variable synth that sounds OK .

Compared with Roland SH-1000 or Korg 900 PS the Elka brings an equal sound quality for a lower price due to the fact that midification isn't easy. A look in the servicemanual shows that the Solist 505 circuitry uses organ technology to read the keyboard, so CV/gate kits are not an option.

Production period must have been between august 1977 (date of release servicemanual) until at least the 23rd week 1980, when mine saw its first daylight (sticker on bottom inside).

In the Netherlands they sell for 60 to 95 Euro.

I actually own the chromatic version, and have never seen or heard something about this version.

Rating: 4 out of 5 posted Saturday-Nov-30-2002 at 12:34
cardoni a part-time user from italy writes:
I've one elka solist 505 analog sinth 1978. Please do you know the actual value of it. What's its price?

posted Saturday-Feb-16-2002 at 14:42
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