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iblogfilmhay from Greece writes:
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Rating: 0 out of 5 posted Monday-Dec-20-2010 at 21:47
DG a professional user from USA writes:
i've got over 2 dozen h/w synths; classics such as Sunsyn, Jupiter-8, Voyager, OBXa etc. and I've gotten rid of a dozen more...but the 2600 is the most fun you can have with electricity! It always sounds just great, top to bottom. Probably my favorite electronic instrument - too many synths are more like 'contraptions' than they are musical instruments, but not the 2600. It sings, roars and freaks you out - all in grand classic analog fashion. Cons: 35+ yrs of age. Unless you can fix it yourself, plan on spending an extra grand or so, because you will need to get it serviced if it hasn't been done in the last 10 yrs. Early-version keyboards are crap. PWM not well implemented; no osc-sync. PSU can come loose in shipping. Must replace capacitors in PSU and audio path or live with some easily noticeable 'hiss' in background.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Friday-Jul-23-2010 at 11:07
Mattsynth a professional user from USA writes:
For over 3 years I was looking for a ARP 2600 to purchase. Always being afraid of service upkeep and cost I never did purchased one. Instead I purchased a Eurorack modular system and made my own ARP modular using ARP, MS20, Steiner & Moog filters. I also have 3 different type of Oscillators & a wavetable oscillator, a sequencer and lot of other strange modules that the 2600 never had. For about $3,000.00 I had much more then the ARP 2600 could offer. Don't get me wrong the ARP 2600 is a real classic and the king of all analog synths from the past but this is the future and I am glade I purchased my Eurorack modular system that has midi and can be reconfigured with new modules at any time. I am a working musician and do not have the patience for old equipment that could fail me at any time. The only reason I would own a ARP 2600 today would be for nostalgia.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Friday-Jul-16-2010 at 10:26
Lars Smith a professional user from Denmark writes:
I got tempted and bought two of these beasts, both "grey meanies", I think, back in the eighties, where they sold for 1000 euros or even less... Now you might pay 3000 for one.

Hm, of course these are great synths. The most versatile semi-modulars you could lay fingers on - back then and maybe even know. The owners manual, I remember, was designed as a kind of school book in synthesis, which was great.

The big drawback of these instruments were the fact that you could not memorize the interesting settings you made. I remember the endles complexity of making and photocopying sound sheets (this was the days before sampling)and then the dilemma you faced when you found an interesting sound (this instrument is "full" of interesting sounds) - either you had to let it go - or to spend endless time to try and write it sound correctly on the sound sheets. Can you even imagine, folks, what trouble we went through back then ????

This became a problem with this instrument - especially when owning two, as I did. It was, as Brian Eno puts it, like getting a new wonderfully fascinating instruments in your hands every two minutes - it ended up becoming distracting to say the least, eventually ruining the creative process - coz all the fascinating sounds you lost for ever, if you did not write them down...

This made it a very complex and somewhat unintuitive instrument to work with, if you wanted to use it as more than a complex solo synthesizer.

What was it really - a solo synth or a complex sound effects machine - I think, except in the studio, it was a synthesizer that did not really know - maybe became caught by it´s own lack of limitation - very unlike ARP, by the way, a company that usually produced synths which stood out because of their DESIGNED limitations so to speak.

Here I remember a quotation from Brian Enos Oblique Strategies: "honour your mistake as a hidden intention".

Maybe this is the key to work creatively with the 2600 ????

L. Smith

Rating: 4 out of 5 posted Wednesday-Jun-11-2008 at 11:36
Derek Revell a professional user from United Kingdom writes:
I just imported a ARP 2600, Serial Number 26010681 and 3620 Keyboard from the USA, bought via Ebay.

This is a later type of Synth, the legends for the modules are White letters printed on an Orange rectangle this one is in excellent condition, a few broken sliders, and missing knobs, but all easily fixed. I gave the unit a thorough overhaul, and cleaned everything.

I found as usual, that the 15Vdc Power Supply Unit (PSU) had come adrift in transit, it's only secured to the plywood base with four small wood screws, and with a big old mains transformer sitting on the PSU metal chassis, that's quite some weight to stop moving about in shipping. In my opinion the transformer should be removed from the metal PSU chassis and be secured with two large nuts and bolts with shakeproof washers, holes should be drilled right through to the outside of the cabinet, the transformer still needs to be earthed to the metal plate, I ran an additional wire, which was secured under one of mounting bolts on the transformer, and then attached the other end of the wire under a similar mounting screw on the PSU metal chassis. Sonically these Synth's sound awesome, and they look good too.

Unlike the software version, this one will still work when Microsoft introduce the Windows Zeta version in 2011.

Best regards Derek Revell, Old Sage Studios, UK.

Rating: 4 out of 5 posted Thursday-Aug-23-2007 at 18:45
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