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Naberiux a professional user from UK writes:
This synth is just somthing else, Not only are its filters better than any other on the market, the sounds just hit you every time. I own Nord, Korg, Novation and nothing produces such a fresh sound, anything is possible with it. The Virus C engine adds even more Power than ever before with 32 Voices, what else do you need.

The easy lay out and Sleek design makes this a dream to work with in studio and live. I use it almost every day and am currently creating songs for a new project using only the virus.

Not only is it a dream synth, but Access as a company are very veyr good with their Customers. The amount of patches and addition sound they offer for there users is outstanding. Extending any users range by a vast amount of new sounds and Filters.

When not working with this baby, it is a great way o pass the time. MAC+Virus+Logic = True Musical Dreams. If you own a synth and always are purchasing and upgrading more and more (like i was) well stop there save the cash and Buy a Virus. You will no look back

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Sunday-Sep-26-2004 at 16:08
Paul a professional user from USA writes:
The Indigo 2 is the sexiest, most easy to use, ballsy sounding machine on the market. I have owned a Nord, Waldorf, and Novation synths. Nothing sounds like this machine.

I have just downloaded OS 6.5. I was amazed to find nothing less that the finest modeled emulation of the Minimoog filter I have heard. This filter gives my Indigo 2 an absolutely different sound. I purchased the Virus because of the sound of the original filters, and for absolutely no money, these guys have given me basically another synth! For FREE.

The Virus has a sound unlike anything out there. It can be warm, cold, nice, evil, or just out right lunacy. I am hard pressed to thing of a type of music that the Virus would not be suited for... Ok, maybe Bluegrass or Polka. This box is a DJ/Remixer's dream. Processing loops and drum machines thru its effects, filters and vocoders is alone worth the price of the synth.

Lots of polyphony, so multi-mode is super powerful. But it is also cool to have to polyphony for stacking voice in the unison modes.

Access has released more OS releases since I have had my Indigo 2 than any of my other synths manufacturers have in the past 2 years. All the updates are free. We have been given a Moog filter, new arpeggiator patterns, special tuning modes, knob shortcuts, ROM flashing, a new sync engine, and regular fixes for bugs that come up.

Support is great. Everyone at Access obviously loves what they do and do it with a laugh and a smile (join the forums and find out about the helicopter rides)

This is the desert island synth. With an iBook and Logic 6, there is no reason you cannot put out records with just the Virus. If you can, get the Indigo 2. I got the black one, but the silver is ultra sexy.

If you have not tried one out - now would be a good time.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Friday-Nov-07-2003 at 19:25
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