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  SY-55 At a Glance
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Antonin Barre writes:
My very first Keyboard. Was deceived by the sounds til the moment where I decided to programm it. A bit complicated a the beginning, but very intuitive after a while. Use it with a computer programming programm for best use. A bit limited on the drums and if used alone. But add simply a drum module and then it rocks! Would not part with it caus' I just love some of the sounds I got out of it and you can create cool EFX with the LFO (5 types). Actually a great Keyboard if you can't invest too much.

Comments About the Sounds:
Quite clean sounds, very versatile programmation, can get cool sounds out. Just a bit limited by the polyphon, but sounds with one PCM can sound very good already and I get some really excellent sounds with 2 PCM. Just sad that the sound library is a bit limited. But I have personnally over a 1000, from which I programmed (or "evolved" about 250). E-Mail me!

(Thanks to Antonin Barre for this info.)

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