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  QY-10 At a Glance
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Gareth Morris writes:
Despite the cheesy sounds and mediocore useabilty I quite like the QY10. Don't use the 4 pattern tracks as they were intended - rather manipulate them as part of your song. It works well to trigger external modules via MIDI - but in a limited way (only 7 fixed MIDI channels). The single line LCD is spartan but useable. Its excellent for short loops and riffs - which you can then sample. It has live potential in that you can trigger different patterns and chords easily - possibly for auto-accompaniment. The sequncer has quite powerful(and fast) editing functions. Its so small (famously VHS video cassette size) that it would be good for busking/other portable use, thanks to good battery life - about 6hrs. Soft keys work, but are really only good for step editing - try an external keyboard for real time recording. This sequencer is alot easier to use than the QY8, and is only slightly(if anything) more expensive. Its a robust little thing - I've dropped loads of times and it's never broken yet. Internal batteries(??) keep your patterns stored when the instrument is off, or has no batteries.

If you can stand the sounds, don't intend to use them, or want early PCM(you nutter) - then this is a good value entry level hardware sequencer.

Tip: use a secialist librarian Sound Driver or sQUrell(Atari ST - get it from Yamahas website) to store patterns - normal sysEx dump doesn't work well.

Comments About the Sounds:
The sounds are really bad, but there are some gems in there. Think - early 90s home keyboard.

(Thanks to Gareth Morris for this info.)
and Paul Goetke for the pic

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