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  QX-5FD Sequencer At a Glance
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Chvad SB writes:
I had 2 of these about eight years. It's a table top style sequencer that will fit in a 19" rack shelf. What I initially used these for was live sequencing during shows and studio sequencing. During the time I used them they never once crashed, lost memory, crapped, farted... they have never failed me in either a studio or live environment. I also used them to bulk dump my synths memory onto a floppy... this is great if your synth dies live and needs its memory back. It basically has 8 tracks. Each can record on any number of channels 1-16. Tracks can be mixed down. Any one track is capable of transmitting multiple midi channels. This is a great way to make more room for additional tracks. There are 32 macros which are in a since "floating" tracks which are assignable to certain positions within the 8 "hard" tracks. These are good for loops and repetitious sequences as it saves a ton memory. A DOS-based computer can recognize the files saved on floppy but they are NOT Standard Midi Files. In order to use your sequences with other sequencers you must record out of one into the other, as the files are not compatible with anything but another QX5FD. The recording option does work well though. It may take time to get used to scrolling through it's various menus and sub-menus on a 2 line, 16 character backlit display but it does have the menu trees printed on it's casing right next to the floppy drive for a quick reference point which is helpful. It has an external output for a click track, which is nice for drummers. It can sync to tape. It can be used as either a slave or master. Any of the 8 "hard" tracks can be muted and un-muted in real-time during playback. A final note: These shouldn't be confused with the Yamaha QX5 sequencer. The QX5FD is FAR FAR more advanced than it's baby brother.

(Thanks to Chvad SB for this info.)
and fanis for the pic

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