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Rae Nighthawk writes:
This is an excellent keyboard if you're into producing Jazz, Classical, or even Folk music. The Brass and Strings are excellent for a keyboard in this range. But I'm more into producing ambient, electro, house, and breakbeat. The best sounds are probably in the Synth section (50-58). It does not have any add-on effects (e.g. DSP, Reverb, Chorus...) and it doesn't have General MIDI. It does not interface with my PC very well, but I have no idea how to work Cakewalk so that's not saying much. It has 99 voices and one drum kit, new sounds can be accessed via a connected MIDI device, but I haven't tried that yet. Overall a decent begginer's keyboard.

Comments About the Sounds:
Excellent strings. The Synth Brass is very cool. Pretty good on standard synth sounds. If you're looking for a good dance/techno/house synth keep looking.

(Thanks to Rae Nighthawk for this info.)

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