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  P-120 At a Glance
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David Gurwin writes:
The real reason to buy the Yamaha P-120 is that it is an excellent digital piano with the most realistic piano action available today. It is vastly superior (both action-wise and piano sound wise) to the Roland RD-700. It is an improvement over Yamaha's previous P-80. While this keyboard is still quite small and light (like the P-80), Yamaha has added a set of built in speakers. While these speakers are just "OK" for performances, the vibration that is felt when you play the keyboard because of the added speakers really gives the player a feeling of realism. For the money, this is a great keyboard.

Comments About the Sounds:
Outstanding accoustic piano, Rhodes, Wurly, Jazz Organ and accoustic guitar sounds

(Thanks to David Gurwin for this info.)

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