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  CS-60 At a Glance
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Adam Tidswell writes:
This one of the very few synths that weaves a real magic, despite only having 12DB filters and only one osc per voice it manages to sound warmer and more meaty than the flashiest roland etc, it has both low and high pass filtering with their own resonance controls and combine to make a superb bandpass filter. its bigger and even more magical brother the CS80 was used heavily by Vangelis and most of his sounds can be copied on the CS60 too. Very often overlooked by Analog hunters and therefore a cheaper far lighter more reliable alternative to the CS80. don`t let the thought of one osc put you off as it nearly did me, this is no weedy cut-down joke unlike many others, and has the best pitch ribbon in the business. they can`t stay cheap for much longer..

Comments About the Sounds:
Beautiful washy pads and cutting leads, smooth with a capital smoo

(Thanks to Adam Tidswell for this info.)
and Mert Topel for the pic

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