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  Technics WSA1 At a Glance
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Peter Verhulst writes:
Since the price for this awesome workstation sliced to 1/3 of its original, this machine has become an interesting competitor for mid range Korg and Roland series. In comparisson it has some very nice features to offer, like a very sophisticated sequencer, a wide range of spectacular sound, a first class user interface with large LCD screen and last-but-not-least: a superb synth keyboard. On the net you'll find some interesting URL's for this machine.

Comments About the Sounds:
Sounds are powerfull and transparent. Especially the EP's and effect pads are of extraordinary quality. Cymbals are triggered ad random, which enhances realism noticable.

(Thanks to Peter Verhulst for this info.)
and Thomas Jancso for the pic

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