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  KN3000 At a Glance
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DJ_FunkyMonkey ( writes:
Only a quick shout about it, I am not a professional muscian, and when I bought this keyboard I was comparing it to workstations such as the JP8000. My decision was made for me due to who lent me the money but I am glad because the technics is most definately geared up to all levels of skill and if I ever get skint I will just go and play background music in restaurants.

Comments About the Sounds:
All though the keyboard is more aimed at the home market than the pro, the amount of control you have over the 200 plus sounds already loaded allows you, with a bit of time, everything from quite a realistic moogy, almost 303 bass to the bell around a mountain goats neck.

(Thanks to DJ_FunkyMonkey for this info.)
and Primarschule Brunnadern for the pic

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