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  Unost-21 At a Glance
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Oxe Lamp writes:
When you think you are familiar with those russian synths ( polivoks seems to be quite in common), so this piece is tottally different. No screaming resonance, evil filters, ultra hi-speed lfo-s... This piece does what other russian's doesn't- warm and very Juno-like pads and strings (wonder where did this synth got his name :) Also it can do soft basses, but acid is definetly out. You can choose one of the three vco configurations, each of them having four preprogrammed filter and envelope settings. Also is possible to set synth to manual mode, then it's possible to use synth's filter, env and lfo settings. Also chorus is available. Nice extras are grip and strap, there are volume, tuning and chorus controls on the grip.

Comments About the Sounds:
Well, this thing seems to be a stringmachine, so check out those Juno-like pads and strings.

(Thanks to Oxe Lamp for this info.)
and Format for the pic

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