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  MS60 At a Glance
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Ajua Alemanji writes:
I have played a lot of keyboards including YAMAHA (psr -{ 510, 520,7000}, W5, SY55 etc), Korg (I{3,4,5}, X{2,3}), Roland (E series and G800) but of all these I have found the Solton MS60 to be the best prodused yet. This is a real Multi-media work station in the sence that it is really completely compatible with other general Midi devices. It can upload styles from Technics, Yamaha, Roland, Korg etc. I have already done some of these conversions and have over 100 styles from these other makers ready to be up-loaded into the Solton. The conversion proccess if understood is very easy. As concerns the Auto-accompaniment these are truely fabulous - when you pick out a style, it almost immediately recalls to mind a song you might have heard somewhere along the lines. With each accompaniment having 2 intros, 4 arrangements, 3 fill-ins and 2 endingsm you are acually not limited and these same rules apply to your own Custom-made patterns (max 24). With the MIDI flexibility you can assign any track to any channel either for transmission or reception. The on-board amplification (on the MS60) is really fantastic. Having 2 two way speakers with a perfect amlifier will fill your room with beautiful sounds of misic. After buying this machine you will not want to buy another on as this one always grows - ie with itself (the solton styles, sounds and groove libruary) and the ability to incoorporate other styles from other great makers (with simple Midi IN/OUT conections and a little 'feel' for the music. I would believe though that Solton could put a bigger display on board for a machine of that capability and price but with everything there on board for you to reach (hardly any pagging in/out, spinning diles etc). The structure itself looks like it was made to take a beating! Although not airodynamic (liek some Japanese models - where are you flying too?) the design is one that was made yesterday, is used today and will definately last into tomorrow! As concers style transfer, you can contact me at or (814)-231-9749. The Solton MS series is the BEST!!

Comments About the Sounds:
The sounds on this machine are terific. As compared to other keyboards, SOLTON aims at generating sounds as close to the real thing as possibe whyle other producers just produce synthesized sounds. For an example take the horns on the Solton. If you try the sax, you will be amaised at how true it sounds - that is why I think it is the best General Midi player as of date; how do I know? Try a midi file ona Roland E96 or G800 (equivalent in class), or Korg I(3,4 or 5) and then try the same file on the Solton MS(50,60,100)or DG1. There are also many other sounds out there on disk (though I must say they don't sound as good - actually you wouldn't think they were solton sounds - sound more like Yamaha (PSR) series. However there is always the idea that the keyboard is always 'growing'.

(Thanks to Ajua Alemanji for this info.)
and Th3Fox for the pic

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