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Harold writes:
This is supposedly one of Roland's finest samplers. It's a beast though. I believe it's something like 4 rack spaces high. Unlike the Roland S760 sampler which came afterwards, you could use the mouse on the supplied screen. Becuase the screen is larger and graphic, using this isn't as tough as the Roland S760.

There is a large library of sounds available for this unit. What's even better is that there are some utilities out there that would allow you to download the now discontinued sound library off the net and then convert them to be loaded into your sampler.

There are other options though. The Roland S760 and SP700 which came afterwards, are expandable to 32MB, which is more of the standard these days. These samplers also allow automatic Akai S1000/1100 conversion, allowing you to access an almost limitless library.

I would recommend one of these samplers over a Roland JV2080 anyday, as you can load in sounds that outclass the JV series which while they sound good, have every which waveform smashed into only 8MB or ROM. Plus, for around the same price of a SRJV or SRX expansion board, you can get a Roland LCD CD-ROM with 100 - 250MB of samples which sound better than the SRJV and SRX series.

The Roland XV5080 allows up to 128MB or sample playback memory. I think that if Roland created some type of new expansion board that would allow more memory into these old beasts, they would once again outsell the newer E-Mu and Akai samplers. Roland should also create a new system disk that would make the samplers use DOS instead of their stupid proprietary format.

Comments About the Sounds:
You can only comment about the sounds if you load some in. they will vary. This is a sampler remember?

(Thanks to Harold for this info.)
and Harold Everton, Jr. for the pic

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