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  MV 30 At a Glance
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Brian Kenney ( writes:
Unfortunately this unit didn't sell very well, but with the original price at $2795 you can see why. I's basically a sequencer/synthesizer/ MIDI-mixer. An external controller is required. Contains the ROM waves of the U-220 and more, has the filters of the D-70, and the sequencing power of the MC-50. Can use 2 RS-PCM cards simultaneously for additional samples 8 part multitimbral. The sounds are great, and can manipulated beyond recognition. You can save up to 64 songs and 1024 sounds on a disk! But what makes this unit a killer machine are the front panel faders which allow you to make real-time volume, pan, or effect changes. Or if you prefer, you can record any of the fader movements into a sequence for an automated mixdown. Cool...

Comments About the Sounds:
Very clean sound. 220 samples in ROM. Excellent source for Techno or Orchestral projects. Real-time panning and effects changes with front panel faders.

(Thanks to Brian Kenney for this info.)
and Manuel Fern‡ndez-V‡zquez for the pic

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