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  MDC 1 At a Glance
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Sta Ivanc ( writes:
If you're in the techno dance scene, it's a must-have. The drum section is fantastic - it's based on the classic Roland TR series (mostly 909) and features a lot of other different sounds. The waweforms are made into patches (some have up to four voices in one). There's a lot of sampled voices and noises, but it would be better if that place would be filled with other synth sounds. It gives some great deep basses (including TB-303 and SH- 101) and lovely digital synth patches. The M-DC 1 features also over 50 beat loops phrases at different speeds, which could be played together with your own drum section, but I personally don't use them much. The only shame is that it has only so called "temporary area" memory, so the unit's settings can be saved permanently only with MIDI Bulk Dump or a sequencer. It's very robust (1 rack unit) and easy to use (includes a nice understandable manual) especially with computer sequencer programs. There are also audio input jacks, so you don't need a mixer to connect it with another module.

I already made a review, so I'm just updating it. At forst I didn't know anything about sysex, but with the M DC-1 manual I got it very quickly. I made some mixermaps for Cubase (not complete. there's too much stuff). You can really tweak the sounds with sysex. It would be nice to have some hardware editor, like Peavey PC-1600 or Roland's MCR-8. Oh yes, you can't edit the sounds without some software sequencer or something like that (you can edit just the basics). There is an editor for it on Synthzone, but I don't remember the address. If you have some questions, I'll be happy to answer. My new email address is:

Comments About the Sounds:
There's tonnes of great drums/percussion sounds and some really great techno synths, pads and noises. Lots of cool powerful bass sounds, but you can't really manouvre with them a lot (not the way the good old TB-303 did its whoops and buzz's) and that's a shame.

(Thanks to Sta Ivanc for this info.)
and Matej Peternel for the pic

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