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  Fantom At a Glance
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Vi An ( writes:
A truly first of it's kind kiddies. (I am only 23 years of age so I'm a kiddies too) Anyways, I believe everyone will have their very own personal opinions on this particular workstation/synth very soon! Then realize, oh my -- hmm, what more can you say about such a marvel??? Trust me, when they say intuitive -- oh ya! I really like rhythm and I especially love drums, so when I started just plunking away at the keyboard with the various drum sounds it's loaded with; I blew myself away at the immense array of possibilities. Because I was intuitively plunking and coming up with an "inner rhythm", the FANTOM allowed for it to shine (I mean, glare) right through! It is that powerful and intuitive. It sure kept my interest level at constant peeks -- thats for sure; the "Motif" and the "Triton", bleh -- they don't know what they are about to witness. They don't know how to keep my interests. Image wise the Fantom will sell, sound wise and otherwise -- it's a bargain and it's a must in your innovative music producions. I ordered mine in, but untill it gets to my appartment -- I'm heading to the music store all of the time and actually, should be there now -- I live there now by the way, all because of this Fantom. Woooooosh. Believe you -- me, check it out (double meaning here kiddies) take a look and take it home! Soon I'll be composing intuitively with it and posting my original pieces on my website of sharing music. If you are interested in inspiring me or being inspired -- please drop by for a humble visit wont you??? OR ENJOY! :) Much love and respects to all. Vi.

Comments About the Sounds:
It breaths this

(Thanks to Vi An for this info.)
and Vinay for the pic

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