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  CSQ-100 At a Glance
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circuit writes:
I decided to add this simply because I'm surprised it doesn't already exist here on Synthsite. The CSQ 100 is the little sister to the CSQ 600, designed as an external sequencer for early 80s synths with CV/gate, such as the SH101 (it's specifically mentioned in the SH101 manual, in fact). I had one for a while which I couldn't actually get to work - not really sure why. At first I thought it was my inability to program it, but after sitting down with the CSQ manual (available for download on the internet) on one side and the 101 manual on the other, I could only get the sequencer to play one or two notes in a pattern...probably internal noise rather than a "sequence" as such. Eventually the memory meter flickered, the whole unit emitted a dying whistle noise and I hastily switched it off and fought with the shop to get a refund. Seems like a neat unit if bought for a good (low) price, but probably more of a museum piece given the CSQ 600's extra memory capacity. Despite the robust build, it's obviously not the most reliable unit out there either. Still, Vangelis had one, so that's a recommendation for us all.

(Thanks to circuit for this info.)
and Aldo Fabbro for the pic

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