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fragment ( writes:
Thee Oberhiem ob-1 one Ov my personal favorite analog synthesizers... sounds thick and harsh....yet...can make extremely smooth basses... I have been able to use this synth in so many ways ..with thee Freq modulation from thee 2 envelopes.... for VCO-1-2 and VCF..... sample'n'hold/sine/square LFO waves with delay Ov LFO amount...a pinball style pitch/filter/ring modulation amount bender... cv/gate...filter audio input.....GAK!!!when you get one...see for yourself..

Comments About the Sounds:
very punchy sounds...thee kinda synthesis that makes thee VCF resonance levels oscillate creating a very harsh and thick sound...((unlike when a VCF's resonance self oscillate...just turns into a sine wave ontop Ov thee VCO's frequencies.. this..binds together thee two elements..(((even though I'm not a fan Ov thee TB-303.... it is thee closest thing I can thing Ov comapring thee way thee filter works...))) make beautiful analog percussion....just buy one and see for yourself...

(Thanks to fragment for this info.)

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