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  PC2/PC2X At a Glance
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David writes:
Extremely easy to use. I was able to access all the sounds, effects, zone control (easy layering and splitting), different modes, etc. all from dedicated buttons on the console without even opening the manual. This keyboard ends up retaining a lot of the PC-88's MIDI controller capacity while improving the editing and sound features. I cannot comment on how easy and hassle-free this keyboard is to use! The action is very nice--I chose the semi-weighted 76-key version because it's a tad bit more versatile--I just can't play B3 on piano action. There's options for 5 controller pedals, a breath-control input, and a Kurzweil ribbon input; there's a headphone jack (which won't mute even if plugged in through the audio out) along with a stereo audio out, audio in, MIDI out, in, and thru/out.

Go to for more info on the keyboard or for a comparison of the PC2 and PC88 (very informative!)

I found my PC2 for $1795 at Reliable Music here in Charlotte (#2 Kurzweil dealer in the states) but also found several good prices on the internet for new keyboards. As of August 7, 2000, at, the PC2 is going for $1795 and the PC2X is $2195. At, the PC2 is again $1795, but the PC2X is only $2095. Definately get this keyboard!

Comments About the Sounds:
Overall, these sounds are excellent, and most of them were made specifically for the PC-2. It's not very broad sound-wise, including mostly keyboard sounds, KB-3 mode, string/brass patches, and percussion, but the sounds included are very high quality. The crown jewel of the soundboard is the piano sample. Kurzweil is renowned for having the best-sounding, most accurate piano sounds, and they certainly don't disappoint. Their electric piano/Rhodes/Wurly sounds are also excellent--the Wurly even distorts if played with high velocity, just like the real thing! Kurzweil includes some well-done string and brass patches as well, along with a few pads and typical synth sounds, but these aren't its forte. The percussion is very good and sounds sweet with the built in arpeggiator. One of the best things about the keyboard is the KB-3 mode. Offering 16 different presets and ability to edit all the programs, the KB-3 replicates the Hammond B3 and its leslie speakers really well. It has a high-quality rotary speaker effect which shifts on an incline from slow to fast or vica versa, just like the real thing. The only drawback is the lack of GM capability. If you're looking for a synth, you're in the wrong place; but if you're looking for an excellent controller with piano, electric piano, and B3 sounds better than anything else out there in the same price range, then you've come to the right place.

(Thanks to David for this info.)

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