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David S. () writes:
The PS3300 is like three PS3100s in one, but with more control, like positional crossfade control for filter and amplitude for each of the three synths. I've been fortunate enough to have owned one of these beasts for a few years now and must say that it's an all-time favorite of mine. I make synth-heavy ambient and dance music and use it on almost every track. No wonder Vangelis was quite obsessed with his PS3300 along with his Yamaha CS80.

The PS3300 has 48 voice polyphony and 3 seperate oscillators per key, meaning you can actually play 144 analog oscillators all at once. There's also 9 resonators, 3 for each synth section which are parametric bandpass filters that are very useful for moulding sounds. I use them to make anything from spaced out constantly evolving pads to synth/acoustic hybrid orchestral sounds, also great for choir sounds as the resonators can be used as formant filters.

Extremely rare, unlike the smaller PS3100, making it quite a bit more collectable. only 50 PS3300s were made and many of the famous synth legends used it back in the 70s and 80s. Vangelis, Jean-Michel Jarre, Kraftwerk, Klaus Schulze and Keith Emerson all owned one. Since I got one too, wonder who has the 44 others?

Comments About the Sounds:
In a word, HUGE! Bold and analog sounding that has been likened to an orchestra of synthesizers, the only thing that comes close is a Yamaha CS80. It can fill any space in a mix without overdubs since it's actually three Korg PS3100s in one with more control.

(Thanks to David S. for this info.)
and Dessandes for the pic

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