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Maurice ( writes:
This is the best master-keyboard (with synth-keys) that exists in my opinion. Where do you find a master-keyboard with 16 zones, bank change possibility, seven sliders, seven keys etc. and a sequencer and a diskdrive. This is the only master-keyboard that can handle all the features of a Roland SoundCanvas. Acoustic sound is not too good, analog synth-patches are excellent. Reverb and Chorus sound a bit mono. This is the best buy you can ever do, but you must connect a synth-module to it with good acoustic sounds like a Roland JV-880 or SC-88

Comments About the Sounds:
Acoustic sound not that good (generally sounding thin) Reverb and chorus sound a bit mono. The strongest part are the analog synth patches (the Vangelis sounds) When you need good acoustic sounds you can import them in the 2mb Ram via Akai or .Wav diskettes or via Sample dump.

(Thanks to Maurice for this info.)

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