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Anonymous ( ) writes:
I have only had this board for a short time and I love it. There are so many features that it takes awhile to try them all. Analog sounds are excellent and the sliders also control Level,Attack,Decay,Release,Cutoff,Resonance,LFO Depth&Rate.It also has Two Audio inputs which can be routed through the keyboard. It is only a sample Reader ,but can read Kurzweil(which I have and love)EMU.AKAI.etc.For the money and Great keyboard. Support is not the best ,but hopefully it will improve.This is my first review and I am sure I have left out some features I would like to say Thanks to Nika for his support and Honesty Gforce

Comments About the Sounds:
The acoustic sounds are Okay.Typical factory sounds.Piano sounds are not its strong pointbut if you like to program you can do wonderswith the waveforms that are there.

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