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scott murrell ( writes:
I have gone through just about every synth you can think of and seem to come back to General Music. The company isn't the best for technical stuff and the manual inhales forcefully but these folks make a great synth and it's a shame they seem to only try to attract the home market,it's much better than that.

Comments About the Sounds:
I fell in love with General Music's sounds when I sold my Roland stuff for a S2 and S2R Turbo,they just come alive and aren't as redunant as the ones I had to live with on the big three's synths. The pianos are very good as are the synth filter sounds and the organs are the best I've heard. If it didn't have the built-in speakers and easy play features I'm sure it would be taken more seriously but some folks see that and don't care how it sounds only that it looks like a home-type keyboard. I sold my Yamaha EX7 and got this,I'm moving up to the model with the hard drive in it tommorrow so I can store new samples.

(Thanks to scott murrell for this info.)

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