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Tommy Boylston writes:
The Gemini 1224 is a 24 second phrase sampler made to be used in a DJ set-up. It is made up of 5 banks (2 two second samples, 2 six second samples, and one 8 second sample). It's a pretty nifty piece but the quality is that of one of those "Yack Back" toys. There aren't any editing programs on board and the samples are all mono. The only real-time control is pitch which only gives you a +/- 10%. The sound quality leaves a lot to be desired, but I found that if you sample a sound from an extremely high source, the distortion gives your sample this wierd ultra lo-fi vibe. Sampling from the mic input produces a nicer sound but takes a bit of tweeking to get it just right. Only one sample can be played at once and if you turn off the unit, all samples are cleared. There is a battery back-up but this will only last you for a week or so. There was also the 1224R which is a one space rack mount version of the sample with all the same features.

Comments About the Sounds:

(Thanks to Tommy Boylston for this info.)

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